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When your customer hears a song they like, or even better love, you have their attention. Since you have their attention, why not sell to them? Behind songs, why not tell your customers about a special? Or why not direct them to specific products? Why not tell them what you’re selling in aisles 1, 5, or 7?  IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE!  That’s the power of the tool you have at hand.


Becoate Music Services offers the simplest way to have your own INSTORE Radio station that plays music, promotes your business and highlights all your special promotions, and, or sales. There is nothing to download and no special equipment to purchase.


Based on the demographics of your business we create 100% Custom Radio Station, designed for your customers. Choose from country, Soft Rock, Top 40, Oldies, Smooth Jazz, R/B, and more.


Your radio station is branded with your store name, customers would listen to “Your Name Foods Radio” while they shop. Professional radio PROMO’s are produced that continuously bring attention to your hours of operation, services, as well as weekly sales and promotions.

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Becoate Music Services helps businesses use music, content and technology to increase consumer engagement, in-store and beyond.

Exclusive Music For Piggly Wiggly

Becoate is the exclusive music provider to Piggly Wiggly®, America’s first true self-service grocery store.

Why Use Becoate Music Services

Some businesses play a local radio station in their store however, it’s not the best practice. You run the risk of your competition airing their ads in your store. Do you really want that?
Using Becoate Music Services:
  • Your customers will only hear about your business, your products, your sales, your hours of operation, etc.
  • When you stream music in your business, customers spend (on average) 5% more on products.
  • If the music is appealing, customers tend to hang around your business longer, generating impulse buys.

With that in mind think of us as an in house sales person (who never takes a day off), pushing more products to your customers daily.


Custom-made retail radio

Becoate Music Services offers the simplest way to have your own IN STORE Radio station that plays music and promotes your business.
From Our Clients
“It is an excellent service and I highly recommend this service for all businesses. It really makes my day being that I work long shifts inside my store.” Anisha

Manager, Piggly Wiggly

“We’ve been using this service for a year and have noticed an increase in sales. We attribute this to customers staying in our store longer because of the great music and the announcements that talk about items we sell. This leads to many customers buying things they didn’t originally come into the store to purchase. We are very pleased with this professional service and recommend it to all business owners.” Marsha S.

Owner, Piggly Wiggly

“We absolutely love this service! It’s like we have our own radio station. Keep up the good work.” Quinella

Manager, Fresh Value Foods


“Not only are my customers happy with the music, but my employees are also. As an owner, using this service was one of my best business decisions.” John H.

Owner , Piggly Wiggly

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