Happy “Get to Know Your Customers Day!”

The event, the origins of which are unclear, is observed annually on the third Thursday of each quarter (January, April, July, October).

Frankly, for businesses providing goods or services—online or real world—EVERY day should be spent in some form of recognition and appreciation of the people who lend to their success by way of their support and purchases!

It makes good business sense to know your customers. It is necessary to know their needs, wants, dislikes even—to better service them.

Here are just a few ways to get to know your customers:

Create Mailing Lists & Customer Profiles – Whether you have customers sign a guest book, or gather email addresses of visitors to your site, have a way to keep in touch with customers to send newsletters, special offers, event invites, etc. As you get to know customers, create profiles with their contact info, order history, and special requests to better serve them over time.

Social Media – Invite customers to follow you on social media, and then use those platforms to actually interact with them! Ask questions, post surveys—anything that requires feedback offers an opportunity to get a glimpse into the lives and likes of your followers, thus enabling you to provide tailored services and build lasting customer relationships.

Ask for Feedback – Ask your customers to rate their purchase or the service they received. Not only will you find out about your product, you will learn more about your customer and the services they need.

Hold Special Events and Contests – Whether safe and socially distanced in person, or virtual events, ‘Grand Opening/Re-Opening’, Customer Appreciation parties, or contests—raffles, sweepstakes, scavenger hunts, etc.—are great ways to engage customers, create incentives, and again offer an opportunity to find out about the specific needs of your client base.

Talk With Your Customers – In person by actually getting to know and greeting them by name, online via regular video posts or going “live” on social media, and in your messaging.

It is important to engage your customers so they feel heard and known. They can shop anywhere and they chose YOU. So in messaging directed to them—such as with Becoate INSTORE Music Streaming Services—your messages should invite your customers to an

offer, a place to visit (online or real), a reason to like, follow, listen to and shop with you—and there is an added opportunity to THANK your customers for shopping with you.

With your own unique IN STORE radio station, content is tailored to the tastes of your target demographic, and infused with your unique brand messaging.

Your customers will hear the musical selections they love, along with YOUR contact info, YOUR promotions, YOUR sales, and YOUR special messages—NOT commercials from competing brands.

Becoate Music Services allows you to broadcast your brand, in a way only your business can.

These, and as many other creative ideas as you can conjure to let your customers know they are a priority, are the engagements that give your brand a personality, authenticity, and allow you to truly #GetToKnowYourCustomers –as well as for your customers to get to know YOU in turn. This creates lasting relationships that are the basis of any successful business.

#WhatDoesYourBusinessSoundLike ?

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